NoSwear Headwear lined with 4 mm of high density impact foam looks fits & feels like a normal hat

Lined with 4 millimeters of high-density impact foam!

No Swear Headwear provides significantly more protection from those head-banging surprises than a regular baseball hat

NoSwear Headwear looks, fits, and feels like a regular hat!

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Lined with 4 millimeters of high-density impact foam



NoSwear Headwear is located in Vermont, born from a life of hands-on hard work and educated at the school of hard knocks…frequently to the head!  As a carwash owner-operator, cleaning, maintaining and replacing carwash equipment, I’ve bumped my head on cold steel more than I care to admit. One day I said to myself, right out loud, I need a better hat, but couldn’t find one that looked and fit like a regular hat I could  wear all day. Then I thought, if I want a hat like this, maybe other people might  too, and the idea of NoSwear Headwear was born.  

NoSwear Headwear offers a comfortable, attractive,  solution to those head-banging surprises that occur when you least expect it, but are not intended to be used as  hard hats or take the place of safety gear. 

Our six-panel cotton twill nonstructured hats are lined with 4 millimeters of high-density impact foam. The moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, breathable soft armor provides significantly more protection than  regular baseball hats, yet the hat looks, fits, and feels like a regular cap.

NoSwear Headwear didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a hands-on project since day one, including design, development, and manufacture of the hats and liners. We have been working on a variation of these hats for almost two years, washing, wearing, and testing different material to determine the best fit, function and durability. 

NoSwear Headwear fits, assembles, inspects, and packages all our hats with liners here in Vermont to be sure the liner fits the hat before we ship them. If you can’t find what you need on our web page, please click on the information tab and let us know how we can help.

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