What is NoSwear Headwear

The everyday hat you've been looking for.


 Sharp corners on wood casings, jutting pipes, low beams, even truck doorframes and car trunk hoods—we’ve all had run-ins with these common hazards in the home or on the job, and  have the scrapes and scars to prove it. NoSwear Headwear offers comfortable, effective, protection for these everyday obstacles, and more.

NoSwear Headwear is not a hard hat or safety gear. Our six-panel cotton twill nonstructured hats look, fit, and feel like regular baseball hats but are lined with 4 millimeters of high-density impact foam. Its moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, breathable soft armor  provides significantly more protection for your head than  regular baseball hats.

Ideal for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, pilots, heavy-equipment operators, boat builders, and anyone else who bumps their head on various things throughout the day. And NoSwear Headwear is buttonless, so it provides added comfort when wearing any kind of headgear or headset. 

 Give your NoSwear Headwear hat a few days to break in and it will be your go to hat before you know it.